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Frequently Asked Questions
Who owns the Guam International Raceway?

Answer: The GRF, Guam Racing Federation, holds a multi year lease on the property received from the CLTC, Chamorro Land Trust Commission.

If it is or has been raining will there still be the scheduled event?

Answer: If Drag Racing, No, for safety concerns a scheduled event for drag racing would be postponed or cancelled if the quarter mile strip was deemed too dangerous. Most other events such as auto-x, motocross, drifting, and 4x4 events would be on as scheduled.

Can I enter the property and ride or drive my vehicle on the track anytime I want?

Answer: NO. Use of the Raceway is only during scheduled events with its clubs. Any use outside of scheduled events must be coordinated through responsible Club. 


The Guam International Raceway is considered private property in which any person or group of people who are not part of any of the organized clubs contracted to utilize the raceway facilities, are without a signed standard waiver of liability, and are not using proper safety gear will be considered trespassing and authorities will be notified.

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