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Become a Sponsor and Advertise at GIR
Guam International Raceway

Guam International Raceway is home to more than 10 diverse user groups including bicycles, runs, walks, obstacle events, concerts, car shows, ECO Tours, Off-Road Tours, EVOC Training, and of course motorsports including motocross, drag racing, drifting and Auto-X.  There are more than 100 "event days" per year with events taking place both day and night.  Some are mostly with friends and family while others have attendance measured in the thousands. But throughout the year, spectators and participants come to GIR, with over 50,000 people visiting each year. 

And GIR users and fans are intensely loyal. They buy from and support advertisers that support "their" racetrack.

To learn more about year-round or event sponsorships, from inexpensive track signage on up to naming rights for events or even the entire facility, email us at`

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