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  1. Speed limit is 5 MPH within the Pit Area. This rule is strictly enforced. 

  2. After arriving at the drag strip, all racers are required to find an open Pit Spot. If all Pit Spots are filled, proceed to the Registration Tent, so Race Officials can assist you.

  3. While in your Pit Spot, start preparing your vehicle to race. 

  4. Please help track officials and fellow racers by allowing as many racers are possible to park in the Pit Area. 

  5. Depending upon the crowd and how you are parked. You may be asked to move or re-park your car, if it unnecessarily takes up too much space. 

  6. You are responsible for all your trash. Please utilize the trash bins located within the Pit Area or take the trash home with you.

  7. No dumping of oils, fuels or other vehicle fluids on the ground. 

  8. You are responsible to remove all oil, fuel or other vehicle fluid containers from the track. Please do not dump them in the trash cans, as they are not hazardous material containers. 

  9. Do not park in any handicapped areas unless you have proper placards displayed. 

  10. No skateboards, push-scooters, or bicycles riding are allowed in this area.

  11. All Pets must be on a leash. 

  12. Consumption of alcohol is allowed within the spectator areas. Racers are not allowed to consume alcohol and any time while racing. 

  13. No Burnouts, donuts or other reckless behaviour within the Pit Area. This will be strictly enforced. You will be kicked out and/or a complaint with the police will be filed against you. 




  1. EVERYONE must sign the Release & Waiver of Liability form and must wear a wrist band. Once the vehicle is staged, crew members must stand BEHIND the yellow line. 

  2. All 14 to 17 year old crew members need a Minor Release Waiver of Liability Form signed by a parent or guardian. 

  3. Children under 14 years of age must remain INSIDE the tow vehicle when in the restricted area. 

  4. Riders in the bed of pick-up trucks must be at least 14 years old, waivered, and be sitting down inside the confines of the vehicle with the tailgate closed. 

  5. Being on a pit bike, 4 wheeler, or golf cart is not considered being in a tow vehicle. Only one crew member per participant is allowed beyond the burnout box. 

  6. All pit vehicles MUST have the racer's number visible and be registered at the track. 



  1. All racers and passengers are required to sign a Waiver of Liability form prior to any racing. Please proceed to the Registration Tent on race nights.

  2. All Minors are required to submit a signed Parents Permission Form and Waiver of Liability Form. Forms are available at the Registration Tent on race day. 



  1. Come to the Drag Strip prepared. All racers are required to wear sleeved shirts, long pants, closed- toed shoes. No shorts, bare legs, tank tops, bare torsos, open toed shoes, slippers, zorris or bare feet are permitted. Helmets required for all participants.

  2. Safety clothing such as jacket or race suit required for vehicles below a certain time and with power adders. (See DRAG Tech for details.)


For vehicles with aftermarket modifications, please refer to the Guam International Raceway Drag Strip Basic Drag Racing Technical Specifications. 



  1. All racers wishing to race their cars/motorcycles will have to have their vehicles inspected by Tech Officials. Your car will have to pass a tech inspection after you paid the race fee and signed the appropriate waivers. 


NOTE:    Tech inspections start at scheduled race days gate opening. Tech Inspections close at after 3 hours of start. Any racers that show up after regular tech inspections close will need to pay an additional fee of $10 for late tech inspection. Vehicles that have not been inspected will not be allowed to race.


Refer to the Guam International Raceway Drag Strip Basic Drag Racing Technical Specifications. 



  1. All racers are required to attend the Driver’s briefing. Here you will be briefed on all track rules and vehicle specifications. 



  1. The following are the enforced speed limits within the Drag Strip. These are to be observed at all times.


Pit Area:                5 MPH

Staging Lanes:     5 MPH

Return Road:        15 MPH

  2. No burnouts, donuts or goofing off. If done at the risk of injuring track officials, other racers or spectators. You will be kicked out and/or a       complaint with the police will be filed against you. Save the speed for the track.



  1. Prior to entering the staging lanes. If you wish to race against a friend or foe. You need to stage opposite of each other within the staging lanes.

  2. If the staging lanes are full. There will be no Solo Runs. The fans want to see a drag race. Therefore, if you do not have an identified competitor when you reach the end of the Staging Lanes. You will race the racer line up next to you.

  3. Once in the Staging Lanes, do not switch lanes, unless directed to do so by track officials. 

  4. Track officials will do their best to match you up against your grudge racer, but this is not a guarantee. Again depending upon the amount of cars in the staging lanes. 

  5. Do not leave your car unattended in the staging lanes. If your vehicle requires repairs or tuning. Return to your pit lane and do your repairs or tuning there.

  6. All racers are required to enter the staging lanes from the rear. No cutting in, unless directed by track officials. 



  1. Prior to approaching the burnout box, ensure that all windows are rolled up and seat belts/harnesses are fastened. 

  2. For night-time racing turn on your headlights and tail/brake-lights.  

  3. Do not enter the burnout box unless directed by track officials. 

  4. Cars with street/radial tires are required to drive around the water box. Do not enter it as you will unnecessarily bring water onto the burnout box. 

  5. Only cars with slicks can enter the water box. 

  6. When entering the burnout box. You must bring your car to a complete stop before engaging in a burnout. 


  8. Multiple burnouts are unnecessary, do nothing for traction and only hold up the pace of racing.  


  10. No burnouts past the starting line unless NHRA Rules state otherwise or allowed by the Starter. 


These rules will be strictly enforced. First Offense will result in a warning. Second Offense you will be removed from the starting line. Any additional offenses thereafter you may not be allowed to race. Track Officials decision is final. 



  1. Move forward until the top small yellow bulb (pre-stage) on the starting tree is lit. 



  1. After completing your burnout you will have 8 seconds to stage. 

  2. Any unnecessary delay in staging may result with the Started disqualifying you on that run. 

  3. Inch your vehicle forward until the second small yellow light (stage) on the starting tree is lit and prepare for the three amber-colored LED bulbs to count down to the green light. 

  4. A Pro Start Tree is when all three amber bulbs come on at once and then goes green. 



  1. The Guam International Raceway Drag Strip operates a ¼ Mile Drag Racing Surface.

  2. For Grudge Nights and any Heads-Up Class Racing, a Full .400 Tree is utilized.

  3. For Index Racing, a Handicapped Full .400 Tree is utilized.



  1. If your vehicle has problems during the run, pull over to the outside of your lane and stop in a safe manner. This will help shorten any clean up time that may be required by the track crew. 

  2. If you "Red Light", which is an automatic loss during racing. DO NOT slow down, please finish the run and exit the track as normal. Please do not take your frustrations out on the next racers waiting to race. 

  3. If you experience any on-track issues (crash/mechanical) on track. The strip has three exits. If possible proceed to the earliest exit to clear the strip.

  4. If you are unable, please make all attempts to slowly bring your vehicle to a stop as closest the railings as possible and exit the vehicle. 

  5. Crew Teams are not allowed to drive down the drag strip. You must proceed down the return road. 

  6. Only the Track Rescue Crew is permitted to drive down the drag strip to rescue a down vehicle/racer. 




  1. Drive past the finish line; LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE IN GEAR and brake to slow down. 

  2. Exit the track to the left at the end of the guard wall, please exit the track as quickly as possible allowing for safe exiting and to avoid collisions. 

  3. Be alert when exiting the racing surface in the event your competitor would experience a problem and need to continue further down the track. 

  4. Do not cut off your opponent when exiting the track. When exiting the track the left lane driver has the right of way. 

  5. Drivers in the right lane must be certain that the left lane driver has turned and will not pose a collision hazard. 

  6. Do not unbuckle or remove safety gear until you reach the Staging Lanes to collect your ET slip.




  1. During competition, if your vehicle breaks before eliminations start. You will be refunded your race fee only.

  2. However, once eliminations or competition starts. There are NO REFUNDS. 



  1. Once racing starts. There is NO REFUNDS PERIOD.



  1. Racers and/or Spectators with animals must keep them on a leash at all times and in their pit area. Leashes cannot exceed 6 feet. 

  2. You must clean up after the pets in your pit area or the racer may lose racing privileges. Bring your pet at your own risk.



  1. It shall be responsibility of each participant to familiarize him or herself with all of the applicable rules and regulations of the Guam International Raceway Drag Strip (hereafter referred to as the Drag Strip) prior to competing in any event.

  2. The Guam Racing Federation and the Drag Strip Officials will establish the length, frequency and the administration of all events and programs and once their decision is rendered, their decision is FINAL AND BINDING.

  3. Any complaints, questions, disputes, or problems must be directed to the Event Coordinator or Track Manager immediately. 

  4. At any time, the display of any type of weapon or threat of bodily harm will result in permanent suspension of any driver, his/her entire racing crew or spectator and will result in the arrest of all parties involved.

  5. We demand courteous conduct from all participants and spectators at all times. We will not tolerate profanity in front of race officials or management, or directed at any race officials or management. Any problems with individuals will result in temporary suspension. Any continued problems from the same individuals will result in permanent suspension. 

  6. Profane signs on your car (sex signs, etc. are forbidden. We expect you to look like a professional and act like one. Be clean and look respectable.

  7. Any fighting or reckless driving in any areas of the drag strip (other than during sanctioned racing) will result in immediate suspension from the drag strip. Any continued problems from the same individuals will result in permanent suspension.

  8. Children are the responsibility of their parents. Any children found unattended will be brought to the registration tent and turned over to their parents if found. If parents are not located within a reasonable amount of time. The police will be notified.

  9. Skateboard, rollerblades, roller-skates, push-scooters, etc are forbidden. 



The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events and by participating in these events all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport of Drag Racing and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.


The Track Manager shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviations of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.


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