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Auto-X (pronounced Autocross) is a race event where drivers navigate around a simulated circuit course laid out with traffic cones. The course contains slaloms, corners, and sweepers of various shapes and sizes which is designed to challenge each driver. Every participant will race against the clock; one car at a time. In this type of racing, driving skills are greater than the amount of horsepower under the hood.


Participating vehicles are broken down into three classes:


  • Stock: Any vehicle straight from the dealership. Minimal modifications are allowed which include intake systems, CAT-back exhaust systems, and non-dampening suspension upgrades.


  • Street Touring : More performance upgrades are allowed such as swaybars (front and rear), camber adjustment, header/s, and larger/wider wheels.


  • Street Modified: (Almost) anything goes.


The requirements for participating include a basic safety check for your vehicle, shoes (no open toe: zorries/slippers/flip flops) , a DOT/SNL2000 helmet, and your motivation to drive. Majority of autocrossers are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Feel free to ask any questions or tips to help with your driving on race day.


If you’re interested but don’t have a race car, that’s not a problem! Majority of autocrossers don’t even own a race car to begin with. Most of them use the same car for daily driving.


Autocross has always been attractive to a lot of people because it is probably the most inexpensive form of racing there is. It is also a foundation for other motorsports and has proven to produce some of the best drifters on Guam. With autocross, you’ll discover and learn the limitations and capabilities of your car and will especially make you a safer driver on the streets.

For more information, contact:

Club President: Matt Fernandez (671) 987-4871

Club Secretary: Vlad Navasca (671) 788-3801

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