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The Guam Racing Federation sent a letter via e-mail to all 2020 senatorial candidates vying for a seat in the 36th Guam Legislature on October 7th to find out if they would support the newly negotiated long term lease of the Yigo property to complete the raceway. Due to the technicalities required under the current public law 34-142 passed in December 2018, it would make it unaffordable, unbuildable, and violate the intent of the public/private partnership. This setback has caused the development of the permanent drag strip and road circuit to come to a halt.

The 2 questions asked were:

1. Would you support the GRF (50 year) lease as negotiated with CLTC?

2. Would you support future tax credits to finish building the Grand Prix Racecourse facility?
*Copy of the document can be accessed at the bottom of the page.

Below you will find candidates that have responded favorably.
If you do not see your senator listed below, please give them a call. Have them
email us.

The future of racing and outdoor activities at the raceway is in the hands of your senators.


*The below responses are in no particular order. 

James C. Moylan

#6 Republican (i)

1.Yes, I would support the GRF’s fifty-year lease as negotiated with the CLTC.  The GRF has proven its ability to contribute towards economic activity on the island.
2.Absolutely.  This Public Private Partnership is very similar to a process which my team worked on to complete the public law which led to the repairs & rehabilitation of the Harmon Industrial Park Roadway a couple of years ago.  Likewise, I have introduced a similar measure earlier in the year to complete the Auditorium at the Southern High School utilizing tax credits. I am a firm believer in PPP’s to repair facilities for the public’s benefit.  

Joseph Iglesias "JI" Cruz

#8 Republican

1. Answer - Yes, I would support a fifty (50) year lease as negotiated by the CHamoru Land Trust Commission. As a motor sport enthusiast who has participated in the use of the drag strip, several of the car/bike shows, as well the MTB trails at the Guam Raceway Park, I have personally seen how the GRP has contributed to the economic growth of our community and has provided an outlet for those in the community who see Motorsports and MTB as a passion and form of leisure. 

2. Answer - Yes, I would support future tax credits to finish the Grand Prix Raceway Course Facility. At the forefront of my political platform is Economic Recovery and Growth. I believe that it is imperative that we allow our economy to recover from the ill-effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. Solutions like tax credits to entities that will allow for economic growth on our island something that I am would definitely be willing to support. I see the completion of the Grand Prix Raceway Course as an avenue to help regrow our economy and provide an outlet for passion and leisure in our community. 

Michelle L Armenta
#1 Republican

Thank you for contacting me regarding this issue and allowing me to be made aware of the current situation. As the mother of a huge race fan, I will do my best to support the Guam Racing Federation as much as possible. I agree with the long-term lease provided in the email sent to all candidates and I look forward to the growth and expansion of the raceway. I think it is much needed on Guam.

Franklin J Meno

#13 Democrat
I am fully in support io keeping our track as a senator in the 36th you will be rest assured I will fight tooth and nail.

Christopher M Duenas

#14 Republican
As I always have I approve of the lease extension and also tax credits.


Dominic J Hernandez

#3 Republican

1. Absolutely. Doing the tour & hearing first hand the plans the GRF has presented I am in support of the 50-year lease. The many benefits the GRF can & will bring to our island is amazing. One of the biggest benefits GRF brings that I have personally seen first hand,  besides economically, is the family-friendly environment they provide to our community through the many different events & activities provided at the GRF track in Yigo. Family-friendly activities & environments will lower crime rates. Lower crime rates = a safe & healthier community.

2. Absolutely. I am for diversifying our economy. The Grand Prix Race Course Facility can & will help bring that diversity within our economy & contribute toward tourism itself. Having the Race Course will attract all walks of life in our community from locals, military, and tourists. Given our current economic situation & our high unemployment rates, supporting future tax credits to finish buildling the Grand Prix Race Course Facility will help provide jobs for the 36,000+ currently on unemployment for the building project itself & future jobs when the Race Course is finished.


Jose “Pedo” Terlaje

#3 Democrat (i)

1.  Yes, so we can get out Chamorro Land Trust lands to our people quicker.

2.  Because of our current economic uncertainty due to the coronavirus I would only support a tax credit that is redeemable only 2 years or later after issuance.   This would give the raceway the ability to leverage those credits now but not have GovGuam feel the impact until after tourism has rebounded.

Joe San Agustin

#1 Democrat (i)

1.Would you support the GRF (50) year lease as negotiated with the CLTC? Yes

2.Yes, I would support opportunities that would raise the Guam Racing Federation's goals to increase local and national programs that ultimately promotes Guam in building sports tourism.  If the use of tax credits will help bring these opportunities to fruition, I would be in support of such initiatives.

Frank Blas Jr.

#4 Republican

With regard to my support of a fifty-year lease and issuance of tax credits (if available) to enhance and expand the park, my answer is yes to both.

Amanda Shelton

#6 Democrat (i)

1. I support the Guam Racing Federation fifty (50) year lease as negotiated with the Chamorro Land Trust Commission, and welcome the start of the legislative process to receive input from all stakeholders.

2. I support the completion of the Grand Prix Race Course Facility through future tax credits. A new facility will place Guam on the world map for racing while supporting our growing local racing industry. This effort provides our people with safe opportunities for recreation, and a new racing facility will have major economic benefits. As a host destination for international races, Guam will expand its tourism market to both racers and fans.

Tina Rose Muña Barnes

#5 Democrat (i)

1. The GRF has been a pillar of our local racing community and I firmly support extending its lease agreement with the CLTC. I believe that the 50-year lease extension will enable GRF to develop a high-quality product, stimulating economic growth and attracting entrepreneurs to create ancillary support services to a raceway type endeavor like driving schools and more food stalls. 

Moreover, long-term leases will attract investors and foster growth in new industries to our island. I have always supported these types of Public Private Partnerships. 

2. I believe that with the military buildup underway improving GRF’s facilities such as the Grand Prix will attract not only our local racers but race enthusiasts in the military and the international racing community. As we look at diversifying our tourism industry, raceways are found in many destinations around the world. This will bring more media exposure to our island and more tourists interested in coming to Guam.

David R Duenas

#7 Democrat 

1. I will definitely support or "even draft this bill if needed" a GRF 50 year lease as negotiated with CLTC. 

2. I definitely support future tax credit to finish building of the Grand Prix Race Course Facility.

John A Ananich

#12 Democrat 

1. Yes

2. Yes

Vince Borja

#13 Republican

1. Yes, I would support the 50 year lease

2. Yes, I support Tax incentives to complete facility.

Joaquin V "Ken" Leon Guerrero

#9 Republican

I am a big supporter of the Race Track and related activities, because of the unique position it holds in our community. Not only does the race track provide a place for people to engage in their motor sports hobbies with other like minded enthusiasts, it helps make our community a safer place. I say that as a person who has had two people in my family and circle of friends nearly die in auto accidents when illegal drag racers were racing on public streets. I am a big supporter because of the unique experience it creates for visitors to our island who crave experiences over shopping they can do at any tourist destination. I am a big support because of the opportunities it provides for our younger people to learn skills that will serve them through life. As a teenager; I learned mechanical skills to maintain engines on motorcycles and cars through motocross racing back in the 1970’s; and those skills have been valuable throughout my life. I am a supporter of using tax credits and potentially issuing revenue bonds to expand the options offered our community through the Race Track Development plans that have potential to help address many problems still facing our community and the Chamorro Land Trust Operations, while proving expanding recreational options for a variety of motor sports and potentially general aviation support that is badly needed in our region.

Sandra Reyes Seau

#10 Republican

1.  Yes I would support the 50 year lease as negotiated with the CLTC.  We have many residents who enjoy racing.  The GRF would give them a legal venue to race at and off our public streets.  Also, with the improvements discussed, this would be good to attract more tourists to our island.

2.  Yes I would Support future tax credits to finishing the GRF facility.

Kelly G Marsh

#15 Democrat

1. I support a GRF 50 year lease as negotiated with CLTC.

2. I support the proposal of tax credits to help finish the Grand Prix Race Course Facility.



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